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February 14, 2023

Public policies for social justice


At a time when diverse crises, social injustices, a pandemic and the sounds of war are rocking us, the crises we are facing are not of any kind: climate, environment and biodiversity, energy, food, imbalances and migratory movements, the caring system, welfare system, minorized cultures and languages and social inequality.

Public policies and municipal policies are means to build a more livable and fair society. In these meetings we want to share the effort, the results we have obtained, the difficulties we’ve faced and learnings we got on that path.

With whom? With the people who choose to keep hope.

We want to share the path we are creating in each municipality with the municipalities that share the same utopia, to learn from each other. To this end, we have joined five European municipalities in the project called Municipalities for an Equitable Transformation in Europe. Within this project, we are holding meetings to learn from each other and we invite you to participate in the two meetings we will hold in Hernani in March.

These meetings will be articulated around three main blocs: gender equality public policies, interculturality public policies and local sovereignty, an innovative and transformative project called Hernani Burujabe.  

These three blocks respond to a single objective: to initiate a process of transition from and to each municipality in the context of global challenges; in the meetings we will have the chance to know the path that Hernani has already done and share other partners experiences. In this process the town/city council wants to fulfill its responsibilities in this local process together with the economic, social and individual agents of the municipality. Where do we want to go in this journey? Towards a situation of higher social and ecological justice by means of local sovereignties.

Now that we are opening new paths, we know that we will not always be right from the beginning. These encounters want to be an excuse to advance by learning from what has been done and implementing what we have learned by this practice.

2 |3 March (Online meeting)

We will work on the general framework of public policies in the field of equality, interculturality and local emancipation: the general frame and the current situation about these policies, the orientation, axes and keys of public policies in the Basque Country and the achievements, difficulties and challenges.


2 March - 10:00 to 13:00 CET

  • Public equality policies: general framework.
    Speaker: Mireia Espiau Idoyaga.
  • Interculturality public policies:  general framework.
    Speaker: Jeanne Rolande Dacougna Minkette.

3 March - 10:00 to 13:00 CET

  • Local sovereignty and Hernani Burujabe project:  general framework. Philosophy and fundamentals of the project. Projects in general are being developed within Hernani Burujabe.
    Speaker: Mikel Valero Alzaga.
  • Reflection (only for project members).

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15|16|17 March (in person meeting)

We will have the chance to know the policies and projects developed by Hernani on gender-equality, interculturality and local emancipation, we will share what has been done in the other municipalities and we will work on group reflections and learning.


15 March - 09:30 to 18:00 CET

  • Public policies of equality in Hernani: gender mainstreaming, women's empowerment and the construction process of the Intercultural Feminist Square, co-responsible economy and care, male violence and historical memory.
  • Interculturality public policies in Hernani: Vision and trajectory of the town council, Hernani host town and the collaboration with AHMER.
  • Equality: Street catalogue transformation from a feminist perspective. Tour of Hernani.

16 March - 09:30 to 18:00 CET

  • Hernani Burujabe / Hernani sovereign - Location and fundaments
    Information on specific projects by Hernani Burujabe:
    - Neighbourhood
    - Food sovereignty
    - Energy sovereignty
    - Local currency
  • Hernani Cero Waste. Tour of Hernani.
  • Group reflection, learning and conclusions.

17 March - 10:00 to 13:00 CET

  • Project meeting (only for project members).

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