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Bringing systemic change down to earth

Anyone who wants to seriously work towards a just ecological transition knows that planning and action must be systemic.

And those who have tried integrating systems thinking into the everyday life of organizations and communities know how difficult it is to reconcile theory with practice.

Reality is complex, confusing, unpredictable and rarely cooperative. In spite of the myriad of challenges, we specialize in supporting your team realize the most effective, context relevant and systemic paths forward.


Municipalities for an Equitable Transformation in Europe. This project harnesses the combined power of community-led initiatives and the efforts of local government administrations to lead the necessary transformational change across Europe.
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Municipalities in Transition

A four year project to systematize all our learnings and tools in support of a just transition of communities, bringing all the local actors together. This is how we discover a completely new way to successfully face the problem.
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Local Transformation Toolkit

Developed through the Municipalities in Transition project, this revolutionary methodology offers a systemic approach to effecting change at the local level while mitigating polarization and embracing the complexity of the real world.
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Co-producing social policies with SSE actors to fight poverty, inequality and social exclusion.
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Replicable Innovations of SSE in the provision of services and creation of decent jobs in the post covid-19 crisis recovery
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The journey of learning planet-wise design

We have experimented in many places of the world, across different cultures. It has been a long process of trial and error. We asked ourselves many questions and fortunately, over time, have collected a series of useful tools & methods.

We have concluded a research journey that now opens a new trajectory focused on the application of what we have learned.

If your community is dealing with the issues of resilience, energy transition, economic transformation, Covenant of Mayors, EU's 2030 Agenda, SDGs etc.
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