Systems laboratory

Screenshot of the system gym

To understand the complexity of systems can be nice to have a gym where would be possible to practice without taking risks. Our virtual System Gym was developed for this purpose.


Get to the Gym following this link, you'll se a green playground and number of dots that we consider nodes of our system. One of them is red and that will be the one assigned to you. This is an educational game, so we advise you to  carefully follow the instructions below to get all the benefits.

First Round

Click on the "Play" button and drag with your mouse the red node. You'll see that moving your node some others are moving, but others are moving even if you don't do anything. In this first round you have 2 tasks:

- Understand what is the rule that regulates the movements of the nodes.
- Move your node to keep all the others within the green playground.

Try for a minute or two then stop clicking on "Pause".

Second Round

The First Round was probably very hard. Try now to click on "Play" and then on "Show Colors". The nodes will get different colors. This might help you in the identification of the rules they are following(?).

Third Round

Let's try now clicking on "Play" and then on "Show Numbers". Now will be easier to identify precisely the different nodes and this may make easier to understand what is really goin on. If not move to the Third Round.

Fourth Round

Try again clicking "Play", "Show Numbers" and "Show Connections", now everything will be much more clear and this setting is useful to do different considerations. Now you can also play adding and removing the nodes clicking on "+" or "-" and observing how the system will how it will behave.

For example, try reducing the nodes to 3 and practice maintaining precise control of the situation. Also try maxing out the number of nodes and see how the system behaves in that condition.